Mental Health Tips To Help Ease Anxiety

Looking out at the ocean to help with mental health

I first just want to say that I am no expert on mental health. I dont want you to think my tips are professional advice, but I know what has worked for me and want to share them with you. In light of the state of the world I felt this was the perfect opportunity to share, so lets get into it.

1. Set Boundaries

This one I feel is the most important for protecting your head space. Social Media can be A LOT. Your friends can be A LOT. Strangers you may come in contact with can be A LOT. Your family can be A LOT. You get my point. Everyone has their own opinions and beliefs about things and not everyone is going to agree. News broadcasts about the newest event in the world can be plastered everywhere and sometimes that can be overwhelming. With that being said, make sure you set boundaries for yourself so that you dont become overwhelmed with everything going on around you. And if you must make your own statement and give your own opinions on the matter at hand, do so when you feel mentally prepared to.

2. Get Outside

Sometimes a walk around the block can help you clear your head. Nature has a way of making things so much better. Grounding yourself with the earth is not only relaxing but breathtaking. My happy places are the ocean and mountain overlooks; that is probably the best thing I can do for myself. Even if you just sit outside on your patio or find a spot to lay out in the grass, you will be doing yourself a solid by just getting out in nature.

3. Talk About It

We all know that keeping our feelings bottled inside to grow is not good for your mental health. As hard as it may be to share your thoughts and feelings with someone it can be this big weight off your shoulders if you just talk it out with someone you trust. Usually when I have a problem I turn to those closest to me who can relate the most. When I am looking to talk, I am usually just looking for someone to listen to me vent and give me their thoughts and opinions if it seems right to, but honestly just having someone to talk to helps a ton and can really make you feel better.

4. Exercise

Exercise is great because it gives you an outlet to clear your head. My exercise of choice when I need to clear my head and get in tune with my mind and body is yoga. I am not a hard core yogi, but I do engage in yoga pretty often and it helps my mental space so much! I definitely consider looking into any stress and anxiety related yoga session.

5. Do Something That Makes You Happy

Honestly, the list here is endless because you can do whatever you want. Dancing it out, laughing, watching a comedy show, cook, paint or getting in your garden if you have one. You can do whatever you want. Just do what makes you happy!

At the end of the day everyone deals with things in their own way and I hope I have helped you find new ways to deal with your mental health.

Peace & Love – India

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