My Journey Through Motherhood

I want to start off by saying this journey has been amazing and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! As many of you know my name is India and I have two kiddos; both boys. I am a birth and postpartum doula and reside in Atlanta, Ga. I was inspired to start a blog about all things birth + postpartum, navigating life with two kids, sharing my love of plant based foods, having plant based pregnancies, my love for essential oils and how its changed my family lifestyle, eco-living and so much more. What better way to start this off by sharing my story of being pregnant and becoming a doula. So lets get the ball rolling shall we!

January 22, 2017, I found out I was going to be a mom for the very first time. I wasn’t married, like I thought I would be when I had my first child and my boyfriend and I lived in two different states; me in VA and him in NC. I was alone – not really, but that’s how it felt. I had a few close friends in my corner who I had met over that past year by my side through the whole pregnancy – thank God for true friends! I always wanted to be a mom one day, but seeing that pink line on the stick turn positive was super scary, but exciting at the same time. “OMG, OMG, OMG” is all I could say. It was a lot to take in.

Towards the summer I started preparing for my birth. I ran across a Facebook page for doulas assisting women of color in the Charlottesville area. A doula, what’s that? Is what I said to myself. I did the research and was instantly like “THIS is what I need.” Even though I knew my boyfriend would be with me during labor, I just needed those extra hands and that extra support getting me through what would be my most life changing event. I reached out to the collective, secured my doula and ended up with two. I fell in love with them instantly and we still talk to this day. They didn’t take his place, they didn’t over step, they didn’t put their own opinions and beliefs on me, but rather reminded me of my own wishes for my birth and I will forever be thankful for their support!

My estimated due date was the end of September, but he had other plans and came “early.” September 9 at 12:40 pm I birthed a healthy baby boy. All the rush of emotions hit me at once. He is really here in my hands – I couldn’t believe it; I was a mom. I was now responsible for another human being – Woah. I didn’t return to my 9 to 5 after my 12 weeks of leave, but instead decided to soak up the early stages of his life and be with him full time. Let me just say, that was the BEST decision I ever made and I am so glad I did it.  In December of that same year I decided to pursue becoming a doula myself and guide women into becoming new moms, whether it was their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time.

In February 2018 we moved back to Atlanta to get more support from our family and my boyfriend moved back to Atlanta shortly after. In March I started actively working on building my business while still being a Mom to a now 6-month-old. Trying to start a business – new for me and becoming a mom – also new to me, at times was very overwhelming, but I started my business and still managed to get up for nightly feedings – oh the joys of breastfeeding – currently still nursing him at 24 months I might add. Being a mom to a breastfeeding child and becoming a doula was harder than I thought it would be, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The long hours, late nights, getting home at 4am – Why would I do that? Who enjoys doing that? Being a doula can have its bad days, but the reward is priceless. I get to help a woman bring her own little baby into this world, I get to help a woman become a mother for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th time. Reminding her that she is strong! Seeing those tiny babies makes you want to have more or at least miss the newborn snuggles, but not miss the sleepless nights because let me tell you – being a zombie and changing a baby’s diaper at 2 am is no fun.

Fast forward to September 17, 2018, I found out I was pregnant AGAIN – Woah. I called my dear friend and doula sister Lauren at 8am and said “guess what, you were right – I am definitely pregnant.” Now I don’t normally call people at 8 in the morning because who does that, but I just had to tell her because she kept telling me I was pregnant when I definitely didn’t think so. Come to find out I was 3 months pregnant when I found out about my sweet Roman Alexander. This pregnancy and birth was so much different than my last – plant-based mama, planned home birth and chasing after my toddler. My thought everyday was – I honestly can’t believe I am about to be a mom to TWO whole kids.

March 10, 2019 at 10 pm my life changed yet again. I became a mom to two boys. I was reborn again and my body changed again. I brought my youngest son into this world unassisted (My midwife was outside and I couldn’t stop him from coming) in the comfort of my own home surrounded by my man, my doula, my oldest son and a dear friend. I am blessed to be able to have two healthy boys and hold the title of mom – still can’t get passed the fact that I am a mom. Some days I want to pull my hair out because this is the hardest job I’ve ever had and kids will test your patience, but I love them and they bring me so much joy. I can’t stay mad or upset for long just looking at their sweet and innocent faces.

I never would have imagined that by the age of 29 I would have two boys of my own to love on, watch them grow up and be an example to look up to. Being a mom has its highs and its lows at times, but I love it and I love them. As I end my story here, I just want to take the time to let all the women in my life who have impacted me in someway know that you are loved and appreciated and I will forever be grateful for you.



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